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Books, comics, movies, music... parenthood, religion... pretty much anything that falls out of my head. Companion podcast to the BCWYWF (Be careful what you wish for) comic/magazine series, and the growing line of Goadkicker products.
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Oct 20, 2016

On this episode I ask how much of us as nerds is determined by genetics. I also talk about autumn in Iowa & the harvest. On nerd church I ask where we draw the line ethically when it comes to interacting or advertising to us nerds, if one knows we have exploitable attributes.


Oct 15, 2016

in this episode, recorded LIVE in Council Bluffs, Iowa... We talk about the pros and cons of introducing children into an otherwise perfectly self-indulgent adult nerd lifestyle. We also chat about toy collecting, specifically the results of my informal online poll about your favorite GI Joe, Star Wars, He Man, Transforner, and assorted other toys. 

There are some strange audio gaffs at the transitions between segments. I apologize for these and I think I figured out why the music was cuing up in duplicate. 

Thanks to Dischord Records for use of Nation of Ulysses' music 

Sep 29, 2016

Live from Council Bluffs... It's another episode of Goadkicker. We talk about hijacking meaning in art, the Simpsons, animal cruelty, violence, and during Nerd Church we talk stewardship and the tendency for nerds to hoard. 

Reach me at Twitter @carlsmithwriter, email, or look Goadkicker Podcast up on Facebook to comment or discuss! 

Thanks as always to Dischord Records for use of Nation of Ulysses' amazing music 

Sep 20, 2016

in this LIVE episode, we talk about the need to move on from exciting things... And wonder what happens between childhood and adulthood that we loose the sense of wonder? Then we talk about me starting my own church. Lastly, I explain that I truncate the third segment so it's better served and explored. 

The episode ends with the full version of Stork by Carbon Copy Dream, the music we hear as transitions between segments. CCD is really just me from 15 years ago.

Sep 15, 2016

In this second half of this LIVE episode we focus entirely on the finale of the Mike Warnke story... the former self-professed Satanic practitioner and expert and Christian stand up comedian who was discovered to be a fraud. We look at what happened after the outing, and discuss the lessons we nerds can learn about character and integrity. 

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Also we are on twitter @carlsmithwriter 

Sep 15, 2016

In this, the first half of our latest LIVE episode, we talk about stewardship and accountability when choosing WHERE we buy our nerd wares. While we are at it, we talk about a wonderful indie comic called The Magician, published by 5D Comics. The writer is David Brown and the artist is DNS (on BCWYWF issue 2 cover art fame). 

The comic can be purchased at 

Support indie art... and buy a copy... tell them Goadkicker sent you. 

5D comics are on twitter and facebook as well, track them down!


Thanks as always to Dischord Records for the use on Nation of Ulysses music!

Sep 8, 2016

On this LIVE episode of Goadkicker we talk about the hypocritical way I stumble around the issues of zoos, eating meat, and guns. Then we look at how Valiant comics is schooling everyone on how to manage a continuity, and how wonderful their summer event 4001 AD was. Lastly we get into part one of the crazy story of Mike Warnke... a Christian comedian and evangelist that was a driving force behind the Satanic panic of the 80's and was found to be a fraud. When do we "believe" in something because of what it is versus WHO is selling it to us? What happens when that WHO is a phony?


Thanks as always to Dischord Records for allowing us to use Nation of Ulysses music as our intro and outro... but their stuff! 

Sep 3, 2016

in this hastily conceived LIVE episode we apologize for being too real, expose my hip hop fandom, talk about Hip Hop Family Tree, and dissect the four stages of fandom. Thanks forever to Dischord records for allowing use of Nation of Ulysses music. 


Next episode will be our special 18th coming of age! 

Aug 27, 2016

Today we explore the notion of an ultimate end, and how until the last century that religion seemed to corner the market on finality. Three examples that have arisen since 1900 that are extra-faith ends include the Mythos possibility (HP Lovecraft and supernatural with no care for man), the Atomic Age, and the one I want to talk about, the Singularity.

Is there any way a created, intelligent construct can't despise its creator? Will developing AI doom mankind? And what does the whole thing say about existence of G-d or the relationship between man and G-d? Blade Runner, Terminator, 2001, Her, and Rick & Morty may help us understand.

I for one fear our electric overlords.


Reach me at @carlsmithwriter on Twitter or to discuss your thoughts on this or any show-related matter.


Should I strive to release a Nerd Church only episode on Sundays? Let me know.

thanks to Dischord Records for allowing me to use music from one of my favorite bands ever, Nation of Ulysses.

Aug 27, 2016

On this LIVE episode I talk about the need for those of us in the nerd culture to support one another... whether it is in our creative pursuits or as human beings.

It clocks in at over an hour, and is effectively three 25 minute chapters to one audiobook. Listen as such if you prefer shorter experiences.

First segment is about support... and the Podcast Arcade.

In the second segment I talk about how being a nerd comes with a class trait of unhealthiness.  I also skewer nostalgia and gripe about the good old days never being allowed to pass out of frame. I also explain the rich history of the shopping malls of Council Bluffs, Iowa. You may be shocked to learn I haven't skateboarded much this summer and have also gained weight.

I name drop a lot of nerdy things, like the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, Megaforce, Dune, Salute Your Shorts, Dinobots, No Man's Sky, and so on. If that matters.

Thanks as always to Dischord Records for allowing us to use music from The Nation of Ulysses ("Ulythium" and "Depression III") on our humble podcast.

Aug 24, 2016

on this LIVE mini-sode, we hear from Tim Benson about an incredible free event coming in September! It's called Omaha Bound, and it's a free seminar about comic creating from some of its current masters (Stan Sakai, Cullen Bunn, and many more!). 

Then we return to nerd church and talk about how giving & sharing a certain community is, and how another community should be better at answering the call. Why does the world of indie comics so often impress with how we help one another instead of competing? 



Aug 18, 2016

in this Live episode we look at why we stick out creative content into genres, what makes for good genre fiction, and so on. We look at No Man's Sky & the band Early Man. I may even touch on why Stranger Things got my goat. Lastly we chat about Hadrian, Donald Trump, how homosexuality has been treated by history, and why voting is stressful this year. 

Its a HUGE episode, the kind I'd like to see very few of. But think of it as a nice bonus welcome episode for those of you joining in now thanks to The Podcast Arcade.


check out The Podcast Arcade on Facebook & sample the other podcast members! 

Aug 17, 2016

Taking a moment to tidy up some side issues. Episode 15 coming in the next 24 hours. Believe that.

Aug 11, 2016

on this LIVE episode, I talk about Suicide Squad... And why putting these villains in the limelight makes me uneasy. I also talk about suicide, and what being suicidal means to many of us who struggle with the urge. It's loads of fun... All cheer next episode... Promise. 

Aug 4, 2016

In this light LIVE episode, we talk about retro gaming, the appeal of video game RPGs, and how I think the tabletop experience is far more rewarding than sitting with a controller... in spite of my countless hours video gaming alone. 

This episode is intentionally "milk" because I wanted to have a chance to warn you all about episode 14, which will be a little heavier. We are going to talk about suicide, so trigger warning or whatever. You've been warned.

Thanks as always to Dischord Records for permission to use Nation of Ulysses as bumper music. Interact with me at @carlsmithwriter on Twitter or 

Please download and check out our cousin podcasts Daydream Instruction Manual, Worst Comic Podcast Ever, The Gravy Age, and Two Headed Nerd. Support and interact!

Jul 30, 2016

In this LIVE episode I experiment with cueing up pre-recorded segments using the Bossjock app... Topics include the Japanese band BABYMETAL, the dark worldview behind Rick & Morty, talk about creative passion, and I even share another song from my days as an electronic music artist. Oh, and we even have street beef!


I won't be promoting this episode online so enjoy the surprise, if you're subscribed!


thanks as always to Dischord Records for the permission to use Nation of Ulysses music on our intro and outros. 

Jul 27, 2016

In this LIVE episode, I talk about meeting MST3K's Trace and Frank (the Mads!) and spend a little time talking about the expectations we bring to experiences and relationships that spoil everything. I also do a terrible job evangelizing, but demonstrate Olympic level doubt. 

Jul 23, 2016

In this LIVE episode, I talk about Adventure Time, things we love being tied to people we love, and my current writing projects. This episode is the triumphant return of Nerd Church, and I demonstrate why basic editing on podcasts isn't a bad thing.

Jul 20, 2016

In this LIVE episode we talk about how the English word "love" is almost as meaningless as it is significant. We talk about nerd love and introduce a new rotating segment, where I share a song with you (No Laughing Matter's 'If The Truth Be Known' this time). 

Look for part two soon!

Jul 18, 2016

Trying out a new format and recording method for season 2! Now with zero editing! 

On this episode I unveil the new mic and portable studio and record LIVE as I reflect on the events of this year's Omaha Comic Con, and fostering the next generation of content creators. Thanks for bearing with us as I dial in the new mic levels and as always I appreciate feedback! Episode 9 will be coming soon, complete with a new set of rotating segments and subpar vocal clarity! 

Apr 11, 2016

This episode I make obligatory remarks about the BvS movie. During which we shame people for thrashing creative content and ask for a shred of tone policing. This should make me very popular. I also talk about how we get attached to fictional characters as if they are beloved friends/family. I am a Christian, I know something about this phenomena. Lastly, we attend Nerd Church services where I talk about how friendship can doom us to forever miss the point if we aren't cautious.

Somewhere in all that I talk about the classic 8-bit NES game "Baseball Stars" and discuss Faith by Valiant (yes, again) and how the announcement of her new ongoing series has once again attracted fat shaming.


Thanks as always to Dischord Records for letting me use Nation of Ulysses as both my intro and outro music. Righteous.

Mar 15, 2016

This episode we get a little personal as we celebrate our first milestone (6 is the average number of episodes a podcast reaches before quitting). learn about the origin of Goadkicking, I review Fargo Season 1, and for Nerd Church we talk about Rock and Roll.

At the end I tack on a song I made 15 years ago or so under the band name Carbon Copy Dream called "First Man to Die in Space"

Thanks to Dischord Records for allowing me to use Nation of Ulysses for intro and outro music.

This episode is dedicated to Keith Emerson, RIP.

Feb 21, 2016

On the long delayed episode 5, we chat about pop culture expiration dates, cultural outrage, the video game Night Trap, review House of Monsters, I give a pitch for a story idea, and for Nerd Church we talk about plucking out our eyes.


thanks to Dischord Records for use of Nation of Ulysses music on intro and outro!

Feb 5, 2016

This episode we talk about Bowie Bonds and why we want to own a piece of our idols, the X Files revival and why cult favorites get away with being flawed. We review Faith by Valiant Comics and actually have not one but TWO calls for Street Beef! We hear from our good friend Tim Benson about binding comics into hard cover volumes and I gripe about DC rebooting. During Nerd Church I recount about Donald Trump's visit to my church, the day before Iowa caucus. Mostly I show why I need to go back to episode 3's format...

Intro and Outro music is Nation of Ulysses, used by permission of Dischord Records. Nerd Church organs provided by, and the Street Beef into is property of Nintendo of America. All the other music is performed by Carbon Copy Dream, which is me almost 2 decades ago.

I love each and every one of you.

Jan 23, 2016

In episode 3 we look at Team Ups... why do they seem to be an integral part of comic book fiction and real life? But not before I bum everyone out talking about relevance

We also review Issue 7 of Nowhere Men by Image Comics

During Segment Roulette we take a moment for One on the Town... One list that means, and we look at my top 5 favorite hero teams

During a trip to Nerd Church we talk about the reason human beings need to cooperate as a team


Thanks to Dischord Records for allowing us to use music by Nation of Ulysses for intro and outro music!!!

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